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About Dr. Bruce A. Gulliver, CFA

Bruce Gulliver

After attaining a Ph.D. in Business Economics from Claremont Graduate School in 1978, Bruce spent several years teaching finance to graduates and undergraduates. Bruce then worked in the energy business as an industry analyst for nine years. During this period, he developed numerous analytical tools and models to support investment decisions for major corporations. In 1988, he moved to the financial side of PacifiCorp to work on improving the firm's investment decision-making process in acquisitions and investment management.

This work led Bruce to found Jefferson Research and Management in 1989. He also received his CFA in 1990. Bruce has provided institutional research to a variety of top money management firms around the United States managing in excess of one trillion dollars. This work focused on recommending stocks to buy based on Jefferson's proprietary growth/value model.

In the late 1990s, Bruce expanded Jefferson's Research efforts to focus on predicting when companies would begin to underperform the market or "torpedo." In January of 2000, the Jefferson Research and Management Torpedo Alert service was launched to institutional investors.