Quantitative Partners

Phil Erlanger Research Co.

Email & Faxed Reports

Reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly. Sample of reports:


Erlanger Research Daily Ideas

Single page review of long/short ideas in indexes (S&P 500, NDX 100, S&P 400, S&P 100, Dow Jones), Long/Short ideas on ETF, Holders and Spdrs, Model Short Portfolio, Top Ten Group Squeezes and individual buy ideas from groups, and highlights of unusual daily options activity.

Erlanger Research Daily Type File

Review on a daily basis individual equities become a long or short squeeze broken out by S&P Sector and Grouping.


Group/Sector Short & Long Squeeze Potential

XLS Spreadsheet that highlights the Erlanger Industry Group work as it relates to heavily and lightly shorted groups. Reviews individual names with in short or long squeeze situations.


Monthly Short Interest Review

XLS Spreadsheets that reviews the monthly short interest change by the Standard and Poor's Sector/Industry Groupings. Highlights the stocks with shorts moving in or out.