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Weekly Type 1 and Type 4 Squeeze Updates

Enhanced Types

Since 1992, Phil Erlanger Research, Inc. has produced the Type Classifications. There are four Type Classifications within our traditional Type Classifications or what we will now refer to as the Relative Strength Types: Short Squeezes, Shorts Recognized Strength becomes Too Many Believers, Shorts Correct become Too Many Skeptics, and Long Squeeze. Recently, we have added what we call the Enhanced Type Classifications. There are two new categories of Type Classifications. They are Enhanced Types: Trend Types and Value Types.

  • Enhanced Types: Trend Types closely follow Relative Strength Types but eliminate extremes of the technical ranks for Trend Types.
  • Enhanced Types: Value Types flip the extremes on their head. Value Type 1s actually buy the worst technical rank at the end of prolonged down period. Value Type 4s short the strongest performers at a peak.
  • With this new work, there are a variety of Enhanced Type Reports that can be found in your custom scans. Key to this process is reviewing on a daily basis to watch for subtle shifts that alert us to the beginning or end of sector rotation.

  • Relative Strength Type Performance Charts: Updated January 2021
  • Trend Type Performance Charts: Updated January 2021
  • Value Type Performance Charts: Updated January 2021
  • Model Portfolios

    Model Portfolios are produced on a weekly basis. It is long and short ideas that are concentrated in a sector or etf. Idea generation comes from the base of Phil Erlanger's work on short interest, options, seasonality, and proprietary technical idicators. The performance numbers below are through July 2, 2021

  • Model Consumer Tech
  • Model Short
  • Model Finance
  • Model Tech
  • Model ETF